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1. Why do I have to feel sick to start the medication for it to work best?
When you take your first dose of SUBOXONE®, if you already have high levels of another opioid in your system, the Suboxone will compete with those opioid molecules and replace them at the receptor sites. Because Suboxone has milder opioid effects than full agonist opioid, you may go into a rapid opioid withdrawal and feel sick, a condition that is called "precipitated withdrawal." By already being in mild to moderate withdrawal when you take your first dose of Suboxone, the medication will make you feel noticeably better, not worse.
2. How does Suboxone work?
3. When will I start to feel better?
4. How long will Suboxone last?
5. Can I go to work right after my first dose?
6. Is it important to take my medication at the same time each day?
7. If I have more than one tablet, do I need to take them together at the same time?
8. Why does Suboxone need to be placed under the tongue?
9. Why can't I talk while the medication is dissolving under my tongue?
10. Why does it sometimes only take 5 minutes for Suboxone to dissolve and other times it takes much longer?
11. If I forget to take my Suboxone for a day, will I feel sick?
12. What happens if I still feel sick after taking Suboxone for a while?
13. What happens if I take drugs and then take Suboxone?
14. What happens if I take Suboxone and then take drugs?
15. What are the side effects of this medication?