Before your child can participate in a sport, most schools require them to get a sports physical. Whether it is offered by the school or must be performed by your own doctor, getting your child a sports physical before allowing them to participate can help ensure their safety in several ways.

1. Detect Health Conditions

In some cases, the tests performed during a physical can uncover unknown issues, such as heart problems, that could be serious. Because children and adolescents are usually not tested for specific illnesses unless they complain about being in pain, a disease could possibly go undiagnosed.

2. Identify Limiting Factors

Certain issues, such as asthma and irregular blood pressure, need to be known so that your child may be properly monitored during any activity. The amount of time they play and their level of exertion need to be controlled in order not to aggravate certain conditions.

3. Education on How to Stay Healthy

You want your child to be able to play their best without taking unnecessary risks. Scheduling a sports physical can minimize the possibility of injuries and increase their awareness about staying healthy. Contact Cedar Grove Medical Associates when you require family medical services from a trusted provider