When your child is healthy and seems to be developing normally, it may be tempting to skip well-child checkups with your pediatrician. However, even if your child isn't sick, there are a number of reasons these visits are important.

Stay Up-to-Date on Immunizations

It can be hard to keep track of which immunizations your child needs, but when you visit the pediatrician for regular well-child checkups, you are more likely to stay up to date on vaccines. Children who regularly receive vaccines are much less likely to get sick.

Ask Questions and get Answers

It can be so much easier to raise concerns when you and your child are face to face with your pediatrician, especially before your child is able to describe how he or she is feeling. Keep track of questions and bring them up at the next well-child visit.

Keep an eye on Your Child's Development

Checking up on your child's development is especially important in the first months. The doctor can help you know if your baby is gaining enough weight and growing at a healthy pace. It's still important to assess your child's development as they grow and can provide the opportunity to prevent disability or delays in development.
Well-child checkups can keep children healthy and help them to develop as they should. Call Cedar Grove Medical Associates LLC to learn about additional medical care for your family.