Deciding that you wish to quit using drugs is one of the biggest and healthiest decisions that you'll ever make. Upon setting your mind to this goal, your next priority is to find a treatment program that is right for you.
While there are numerous factors that can influence this choice, one decision that you'll need to make is whether to seek treatment through a facility that provides inpatient care or one that offers regular appointments in an office setting. There are reasons to make either choice, but you may find that the office setting provides you with more advantages, including the following.

Less Disruption to Your Daily Life

While inpatient care can give you the help you need, it can also be highly disruptive to your everyday life. For example, if you're a single parent of young children, going away from home for an extended period of time can be a challenge, as you'll have to arrange for a family member to care for your children.
When you seek addiction counseling in an office setting, you're able to attend your appointments around a schedule that suits you and that has minimal disruption on the various elements of your life.

You Can Keep Your Rehab Private

Not everyone in your life will know that you're struggling with an addiction and you may prefer to keep it that way. In a residential program, you may need to spend several weeks away, and your absence can get people talking about where you might be.
You may feel the need to make up stories to account for your whereabouts to co-workers, neighbors, and even friends. This dishonesty can be exhausting and, given that truthfulness is a tenet of the recovery program, you might feel conflicted about not telling the truth about where you've been.
While in treatment in an office, you can tell anyone who asks that you're attending medical appointments and not have to feel the need to reveal more information.

Keeps You in the "Real World"

One of the challenges of inpatient treatment is that you're so immersed in this new environment that you're cut off from the outside world to a degree. As such, it can be difficult to integrate back to everyday life after you complete your treatment program.
With an office-based program, you're getting treatment for a short amount of time and then spending the rest of your day in the real world. This scenario allows you to stay acclimatized to the real world while you get treatment, which means that the transition after completing the program will be easier.

It May Be Financially Easier

In-patient care for drug addiction can pose a significant financial challenge to many families. If you're working but don't have the financial resources to take a leave of absence from work for the entirety of your treatment program, you may not be able to afford to enter the program.
Conversely, an office-based treatment program is easier financially. You'll be able to continue to work as you receive treatment, lessening the risk that you'd be unable to reach your goals due to financial limitations.

More Comfort

Whether you're introverted or you simply aren't fond of change, an inpatient program can possess many hurdles. The idea of living in a new dwelling and being surrounded by people you don't know can feel overwhelming—and perhaps be enough of an obstacle that you decide to avoid entering treatment.
When you elect for an office-based program, you'll have a greater degree of comfort. You'll still be able to enjoy living at home and being around your loved ones while you get the care you need.
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